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Jimmy's and JENNY'S

A SITCOM PILOT by George Papadimatos & Maytal Angel

Chaos & Comfort with a side of Fries

Dealing with failure in both career and love life,

irresponsible man-child George,

buys and tries to run his late dad‘s old diner

while managing his eccentric cousins as his staff,

getting inspiration from his late parents through flashbacks,

and constantly getting yelled at by his best friend Maya...

who is reluctantly running the diner for him.

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Our Story

Welcome to the fun and wacky world of “Jimmy’s and Jenny’s”!

A TV Pilot created by and starring George Papadimatos and Maytal Angel 

It’s a comedy about a Greek diner in the Long Island town of Mineola, NY. 

Based on George’s experiences growing up in his dad’s diner with his kooky Greek family,

his sassy Israeli best friend, Maya, and his hilarious friends! 🤪 

The world can always use more laughter and love (and fries 🍟)!

And this is the place to get it! 


Meet The Team

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